Hiring my Services

If you want to use my services as a photographer, please contact me. Prices are negotiable. 80 Euros / hour are a rough guideline.

Stock Photos / Image Rights

My high quality digital images (8 - 21 megapixel) are available for licensing. Please contact me if you want to use my images as stock. Do not hesitate to ask for images on a specific topic, the images on this website only represent a fraction of the images I have for licensing. A few of my images are also available at Okapia Stock photo agency. If you search for "fehrle" you will find my images.

Limitited Fine Art Prints

In addition all pictures on this website can be purchased as high quality prints. All prints are limited, hand numbered and signed. This means that I will never make more prints of any size or image type than the number indicated on each print. Images are available unframed and unmatted, matted on photo cardboard and framed, as well as on canvas. Other materials are (e.g. acrylic prints) are also available on request. Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring a print.
There will be an additional charge for shipping depending on your location. I try to keep shipping costs as low as possible and close to actual postage, however.

Size unframed prints framed and matted on canvas
20 x 30 cm 50 Euros 90 Euros 60 Euros
30 x 45 cm 70 Euros 150 Euros 80 Euros
40 x 60 cm 100 Euros 200 Euros 120 Euros
60 x 90 cm 150 Euros 350 Euros 170 Euros

In order to keep the quality of my prints high, not all images are available in all sizes or on all materials. I will gladly assist you in choosing a good size for an image.


I currently have four different postcard designs. The postcards are ecofriendly; they are printed on recycled paper with a climate neutral printing process.
I sell postcards in batches of ten for 11 Euros (one picture or a mix of all four put together by me) plus postage or batches of fourty (ten of each) for 40 Euros plus postage. Please contact me if you wish to purchase ten or more postcards or if you own a shop and wish to sell my postcards.

You can see small previews of the images below, if you click on any of the images, a link will take you to a larger version on my blog. Please note that the images come out darker on the postcards.

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